New Franklin

is AMPed

May/June  2009, Volume 2


In Portsmouth, NH we have an Accelerated Math Program called Portsmouth is AMPed at New Franklin Elementary School, at  Little Harbor Elementary School and now at Dondero Elementary School.  Welcome to the New Franklin is AMPed website!  At New Franklin, we do all kinds of math-related activities from building robots to running research studies to creating tessellation works of art and to building giant bar graphs like the one above.  Some of us work with Mrs. Markley and Mrs. Henderson in our after school program.  Some of us work with high school tutors.   Some of us work with Mrs. Markley using a special math program (Project M3) during the school day. 

We LOVE learning about and using math during and after school! 

Check out the other AMPed elementary school websites in Portsmouth:   Little Harbour’s website and Dondero’s website, both on their school web pages. 

This website has been created by New Franklin AMPed students.

We hope you enjoy our website! 

Special thanks to Mrs. Angi Manning-Welch

for her technical expertise!

Teacher Advisor: Joy Bryan Markley

New Franklin is